Our Service

What could be easier than having your clothing picked up and delivered to you? Crandon Cleaners' service brings advance convenience right to your door. At no additional cost to you!

It's simple. All you have to to is set up an account online, text, or call @ (305)-992-7773. We will take from there.

About our store

We are an environmentally friendly store with the utmost pride in our ecological service to Crandon's patrons. Our cleaning chemicals meet the industry standards and beyond for environmentally safe products as well!

Delecate Fabrics

Wedding gown
We specialize in wedding dresses from pressing to cleaning to preserving.

As an experienced cleaning facility with 36 years of wedding gown preservation; we can take care of gowns and bridesmaid dresses event dresses. You can trust us with your outfits!

When you chose Crandon Cleaners, your garments are cared for by highly skilled and trained staff members of the firm's team.

Each garment is carefully inspected for best care of cleaning and stain removal, buttons hems, trims. If necessary, there is a button reinforced hem repair option. After, your garments are pressed by our skilled staff. Once finished, they are inspected to ensure they are done right before  they are packed for you.


Dry Cleaning and Special Shirt Treatment

Shirt cleaning
Brighter colors, whither whites?  At Crandon, we offer shirts washed and pressed. Light starched or heavy starched, pressed and ready to wear. You like to wear nice jeans? We have the starch for you.

Dry cleaning
When you hire a dry cleaner to care for your clothes, you are trusting us  at Crandon Cleaners! We take your trust very seriously. Your garments will be top notch, thats our pledge!

Specialty Cleaning Options

Wet cleaning is a process utilized for treating sensitive fabric (ie: wool, silk, rayon, linen). Professionals use special technology, special  detergents and additives to minimize the potential for adverse effects. Followed by appropriate drying and finishing procedures.


All your Alterations under one roof

Our expert alterations team can repair and patch up an item and adjust to fit your size. Need hemming done or buttons put on or a zipper changed? Our staff can look after your needs.

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